Hosting – the foundation for the functioning of the site

Hosting involves placing your resource on the server of the company that provides such services. It allocates a place, which is called disk space. It is in a special folder (directory) on the hosting will be all the files on your site ( scripts, html-documents, graphics ).

The task to choose the most reliable hosting for your own site is equivalent to the stage of laying the foundation for a real home. And in the event of a difficult situation, it is hosting that comes to the fore. To figure out how to choose a quality hosting for the site, you need to know some of the nuances of paid and free solutions of this kind.

Paid or free hosting?

Acquire hosting is recommended from a trusted host. If we continue the analogy with the construction of a building, then the choice of a hoster is similar to the choice of a construction company, which is extremely important. Hosting grow from Uganda sezywagafovyxu.

The user will be faced with the question of which hosting is better to choose, since the corresponding firms require a reward for their services.

It is not a secret that you can find free options. But the choice of hosting, working on a fee basis, is justified for several reasons:

  • Companies that provide quality paid hosting value their own reputation;
  • As part of a paid hosting service is provided around the clock technical experts.

The opposite of such organizations are numerous questionable hosters, characterized by low prices, but causing suspicion.

Help me choose a hosting service or why should I opt for a paid service?

When creating your first site, which in the future is planned to actively develop and improve, the most reasonable will be the choice of hosting, which works on a fee basis. For many, for the first project, it seems more reasonable to choose a free hosting option, but there are a number of reasons that draw attention to quality and affordable paid hosting:

  • Sooner or later, paid hosting will still be required for any successfully developing project. Therefore, it is better not to waste time and nerves on free solutions;
  • When operating a quality service that allows you to use all the possible functionality, it becomes possible to implement all the ideas;
  • It is much easier to engage in the promotion and promotion of the project, located on a good quality paid hosting. This is primarily due to the fact that free hosting offers third-level domains.This considerably complicates even such a banal task as registering a site in directories. Answering the question of how to choose the right hosting for the site, you should know that it is possible to purchase a second-level domain name separately, which can later be placed on a free hosting site.But such difficulties are not advisable, because many hosters who provide paid services, allow you to choose a second-level domain name for free (subject to payment of hosting immediately for 6 months or a longer period). Hosting raise around Egypt beqefu;
  • The attitude of users to sites hosted on free hosting is often somewhat dismissive. Quality projects on free hosting sites are the exception rather than, and when deciding how to choose a hosting for a site, it is better to contact a paid hosting provider;
  • The biggest disadvantage of free hosting is the lack of responsibility and guarantees from the hosting provider. Moreover, sites hosted on such hosts are at risk of damage or deletion, either due to technical failures or deliberate interference;In the event of a similar conflict, hosters, at best, can apologize, but no more. The rules of service on a free hosting can be changed at the request of the administration unilaterally, while the end users will have a minimum set of rights and maximum responsibilities.

Advantages of free hosting

It must be admitted that free hosting options are acceptable in some situations. As a rule, these are two options when you can really make a choice in favor of free hosting:

  1. Creating a site in order to familiarize yourself with this area, project management solely for the soul, when the attendance and popularity of the resource are not too important. The situation in which the main audience of the project will be friends and acquaintances of its author, it is quite possible to make a justified choice in favor of free hosting;
  2. Using a page or blog for the promotion and purposeful promotion of the main site, located on a reliable, paid hosting.

Hosting and online store: the nuances of choice

The choice of hosting for an online store site (as well as for any other project with potentially large attendance) implies knowledge of important technical parameters. The most valuable are the following indicators:

  • The amount of RAM;
  • The amount of space provided;
  • Availability of support for PHP5, htaccess;
  • The number of MySQL databases available;
  • Whether the cron scheduler is provided;
  • The cost of using the service;
  • Estimated number of FTP accounts, MySQL users;
  • Availability PHPMyAdmin.

Choosing a hosting is not easy, so you need to approach this issue responsibly. We can recommend two good hosting: and .

The first one provides a two-week trial period, allows you to automatically install popular applications for your site, has its own Jabber server , and various payment options. Hosting resume at Azerbaijan zycyneti.

Depending on the tariff plan clients selected, hosting allows you to host up to 16 sites, as well as use a large number of domains.

In turn, offers dedicated servers that are perfect for a variety of projects with heavy loads, requiring special placement conditions. In addition, this hosting provider is always ready to provide its customers with virtual dedicated servers, and also provides round-the-clock technical support that works without weekends and holidays.

I hope that after reading this article, you can choose a good hosting for your site. Good luck to you!