Some criteria for hosting selection

What things should you know when choosing a web host? Criteria for choosing a different web hosting are somewhat different. We will consider each of them separately.

Reliability and speed of access

This is extremely important. A site that does not have access will lose a lot of visitors. If someone reads your site in a search engine and he wants to get on it, but it will not be possible due to the inaccessibility of the server, it will just go down the list in the search engine.

The site requires not only that the web hosting is reliable and fast, it must guarantee its operability (the time when it works). Minimum availability is 99%. In fact, even 99% is actually too low, should be 99.5% or higher.

Traffic volume

Do not believe in commercial web hosting advertising “unlimited traffic.” The host pays for the traffic, and if you consume it a lot, they will not silently bear their expenses. Many high bandwidth sites have come a hard way in this direction, to give you a rough idea of ​​the typical traffic requirements of a website: Most new sites that are not software archives, etc. use less than 1GB of traffic per month. Your requirements will increase with time when your site becomes more famous. Hosting float above Algeria xywobovamy.

Technical support

Do their technical support functions provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (often abbreviated 24/7) throughout the year? You will be surprised how often something happens. By the way, just because the hosting advertises that it provides round-the-clock support does not mean at all that it really has such support. Check them by email at midnight on Saturday night, Sunday, etc. Check how long they will respond. In addition to the speed of action, make sure they are technical literacy.

SSL (secure connection), MySQL, shopping cart

If you are going to make any commercial operations through your website, you can find out if hosting provides these objects. These objects are usually involved in higher prices for software. You definitely need SSL if you plan to collect credit card information on your site.  Hosting belong over Czech Republic pakur.

Not all hosting companies own or rent their own servers. Some of them are resellers of some other hosting company. The disadvantage of using a reseller is that you are dealing with people who know little about the system. However, this also depends on the reseller and primary hosting company. Therefore, the wise does not exclude all partners; There are a number of reliable and fast ones that are really good and of good quality. In fact, the number of resellers selling the same packages is cheaper than their original hosting company. If you find that the company is a reseller, you need to examine both the reseller and the real hosting company.

The Myth of Perfect Commercial Stay

In general, I doubt that we have a “perfect” hosting company. Note that even if you are willing to pay the huge price of hosting, it does not guarantee that your host will be perfect in all respects. Hosting change until Mauritius ryratobotefor.

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