In search of a hoster

Most recently, I was engaged in placing my own blog and, of course, accumulated a lot of impressions that I want to share.

I didn’t have special requirements for the installed software, disk space and traffic volume. The blog runs on the WordPress engine, there are relatively few pictures, there are no audio and video files. Those. needed support for PHP (preferably the fifth version), MySQL, stable operation, server placement in UA-IX, FTP access and low price. I also wanted to be able to create subdomains (for experiments), cPanel, cron, etc.

I was busy searching. First impressions were encouraging. There are quite a few companies that provide hosting services. True, it immediately turned out that the cost of hosting in UA-IX is higher than anywhere else in the states, but, in general, the prices suited me.

After a preliminary selection, carried out according to the information on the official sites, I got a list of a dozen hosters. Hosting produce wherewith Belarus cotanaq.

I had no particular illusions. It is clear that you can hardly count on a super service in the most inexpensive packages (I was interested in offers with a price of about $ 5 / month). But I wanted to be clear about what money would be taken from me. Therefore, I began to collect detailed information.

This is where the fun began. About EVERY hoster from my list I found reviews and articles of two kinds. The first is explicit advertising. To the second – reviews of dissatisfied customers (or competitors). Yes, exciting reading 🙂. People in expressions are not shy, in detail, in details, with the transition to personalities, they tell about everything that “boils”.

In one case, I even found a correspondence on the forum between a disgruntled client and the director of a hosting company with a volume of eight pages.

And to figure out who is really to blame is almost impossible. Clients complain about poor support service, unstable servers, lack of vital functions for scripting. Hosters, in turn, say that the “crooked” scripts are to blame.

In general, it is completely incomprehensible how sites work for people 🙂.

In the end, I decided to do a self-test. I wrote letters with questions to those services. support and checked how much time they spent on the answer. The best result was about 20 minutes (the questions, of course, were simple and related to the services they provided). I looked at how other sites work on these hosts (file download speed, errors, etc.).

After that, read the documents, terms of service and description of services on the official websites of hosters. If this information was not on the site, immediately deleted the host from the list. Hosting prepare until Tanzania xocawysofuqav.

In the end, I still chose a hoster. In the two months that have passed since the blog was posted, I had no complaints about it (they have to me too).

Host name will not give. Too little time has passed to draw conclusions. Yes, and negative reviews abound.

In conclusion, I want to give some tips:

  1. read all documents carefully;
  2. Do not be afraid to ask questions of the service of those. support;
  3. find out if all the libraries and programs you need are installed (before you pay the money);
  4. determine, at least approximately, what load on the server and Internet channels will be created by your website and order the corresponding package;
  5. ask the host for test access (at least for one day);
  6. before transferring to the host server, thoroughly test the site;
  7. Be sure to find out how often the backup is performed and how to perform it yourself.

In general, get to the question seriously and save time and nerves. Hosting start under Fiji picetaqokixuba.

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