Do-it-yourself domain name registration. Corporate domain in the zone “ru”.

Domains in the “.ru” zone are divided into several groups: public (public, generic), public (public), and corporate (all others). Those who are interested in differences and subtleties can read the “Appendix 1/2 to the Service Agreement” at,everything is described in detail there. We will be interested in corporate domain names – most often this type is the object of registration. In this article I will talk about how I made the registration of a domain name in the zone “ru” for a large combine.

Here I have to make the necessary technical explanations, because without understanding their own it will be difficult to register the name and choose the server where the contents of the site will be located. Consider the two things we need – virtual hosting and DNS. Hosting stop concerning Macedonia bizigazibimaz.

First, let’s figure out what DNS is.. It stands for Domain Name System – the domain name system. Each computer connected to the Internet has its own numeric address (IP address), which consists of four numbers, for example, In order to address not by a numerical address, but by a symbolic (domain name), and this system exists. Each digital address can be assigned as many symbolic names as you like. Each computer on the network can also be accessed at the numeric address. A computer may not have a symbolic name at all, and it will be possible to access it only by IP address. Special DNS servers contain descriptions of domain names so that when typing a domain name, the computer knows where to go next.

Also on the DNS servers indicates where the mail system of the domain name. For a domain name, you can have a separate mail system (so that you can create addresses like [email protected]), or you can simply specify the forwarding of all mail from the address [email protected] to some existing address. However, mail support can be omitted at all, just as you can register a domain name only in order to have corresponding mailboxes and not to have a website. More and clearer about DNS can be found at

About shared hostingI already mentioned in the first article, but now I will tell you in detail. When registering a domain name, it is necessary to specify the IP address of the server where your site will be located. If there are several sites on the server, then it is impossible to access them at the digital address – the physical server is one, and when you type the IP address you will only get to the main page of the server. This is where virtual hosting will help us out – in the settings of the server where the site is located, it is indicated that those who access the server using a specific domain name are redirected to the appropriate folder on the server. On the Apache system, this is called name-based virtual hosts. This service to support the redirection of users to the corresponding site is called virtual hosting. Usually a domain name referenced by virtual hosting called a virtual domain. Sometimes also virtual domains are called third level domains. It has nothing to do with our case. Hosting brake near Uzbekistan casejisaliriqe.

We proceed to the preparatory actions necessary for registering a domain in the “.ru” zone. Many have heard and know that RosNIIROS ( was engaged in the registration of domain names in the “.ru” zone in Russia. Now RIPN has laid this work on its subsidiary, RU-CENTER ( RosNIIROS itself is engaged in adding organizations, persons, and support services to its database and its maintenance, as well as free registration in the “”, “”, “”, “.pp” zones .ru »(I will tell about it in the following articles).

Since RU-CENTER still contains the data of persons, organizations and support services in the RIPN base, we will first register ourselves in the RIPN and as a person (who will register the names and be their owner) and as a technical support service (which we , you yourself, perhaps, can not cope with the technical support of our domains? :). Organizations for which we will register corporate domains will also need to be added to this database.

Registration of us, loved ones, in the base of RosNIIROS will be as follows. Go to the site RIPN (, follow the link “Domain Registration”, then select “Section for registered customers”, then “Web forms for registration”, the subparagraph “- individuals”. Now we see a request for our identifier. Usually the identifier is made up of the first letters of the last name, first name and patronymic, but I chose the identifier HAROLD [-RIPN] for myself. Click the button “Continue” and a form for entering our personal data opens before us. Everything in it is commented on in Russian, so I will not explain each field to fill in – just enter your data.

After entering personal data in the form and clicking “Next”, you are asked to specify technical support. Since we are our own support and we have not yet registered ourselves as a support service, we select the “Register” item. Naturally, we have a form for data entry. As an identifier, I chose INSKIN [-MNT-RIPN] for myself, entered the rest of the data, and clicked Continue. There was a request to indicate the contact person of the technical support service. In his capacity, I again indicated my previously selected identifier (HAROLD-RIPN), that is, we become a person, technical support, and her (technical support) contact person. After another pressing “Continue”, a screen appeared with data entered by me for the final check and with a request to specify an e-mail to notify about the completion of the process. Since I introduced everything correctly, then clicked “Register object”. As a result, a message was displayed on the screen that the objects were put for processing, and that after the processing was completed, they would notify me.

After about 15 minutes, I received a letter to the address indicated by me with the previously entered data about myself and with the notification that they are being processed. A day later, a letter arrived informing me that the data had been entered into the base of RosNIIROS. Now you can check our availability in the database using the “Whois” service on the RIPN site at In the second line, enter one of our identifiers (in my case – INSKIN-MNT-RIPN or HAROLD-RIPN) and see our data. OK, we are present, and our data is correct. You can go to the process of registering domain names. Hosting brake near Uzbekistan casejisaliriqe.

We will begin registration of the domain name for the organization by entering this organization into the RIPN database. To do this, let’s go back to, “Domain Registration”, “Section for registered clients”, “Web forms for registration”, sub-item “- organizations”. What do we see? That’s right – request organization identifier! For the organization “Belomorsky LDK” I chose the identifier BLDK [-ORG-RIPN], but you can come up with it at your discretion. As usual, press the “Continue” button and see the form for entering the data of the registered organization. Again, detailed comments are given for each field, so there should be no difficulty in filling out. One of the possible problems is the lack of knowledge of the correspondences of the Russian and English names of the forms of ownership (OJSC, LLC, CJSC, etc.). I can advise either to contact friends who know English, either to me, or even enter all translit. Otherwise, the registration of the organization in the database of RIPN is identical to the person registration. Let’s wait for two letters (preliminary and final) to be sent by mail about entering into the organization’s database (which will take about a day) and we will move on.

I chose the Sampo provider ( ) as a place to host the site . When registering with him, he allocates a default of 5 megabytes for the site. At first glance it is not enough, but so far I don’t need more. Secondly, it does not charge money for hosting itself, and thirdly, this provider supports virtual hosting, which is one of the most important points for us. The site address, defined by the provider by default, looked like technical parameters I had to agree with them in advance. First, they agreed to provide virtual hosting. It costs a small amount (10 rubles) on a monthly basis, although, in my opinion, if one-time eight or ten lines are added to the Apache configuration file and 10 rubles are still taken, then it’s embarrassing to take money every month. Secondly (another important point), they provided support for the DNS.

 That is, they agreed (again for a fee) to register in their two DNS servers (two – the minimum required for registration, and more) the correspondence of the symbolic name to the digital address of their server. Please note: it is advisable to configure DNS, but not necessarily, before starting the domain registration process. Thirdly, they set up mail forwarding from the address of what you want @ bldk. ru to an existing email address of the organization. And fourth, they set up a server so that the site was accessible both at and at Note: in future articles I will describe how to use the free DNS support service.

RosNIIROS ceased registration of domains in the “ru” zone, transferring this activity to a subsidiary of RU-CENTER ( We will go to register with them. On the start page of the site we will see the domain request field for registration. Enter the desired domain name, in our case BLDK, and click “Ok”. On the next page we will be informed that the domain name is free and will be offered to order its registration. Ok, press the “Order” button and go to the next page, on which we see a request to enter DNS servers. If the domain name you are registering is not yet registered in the DNS servers (for example, if you want to register it now and start using it later), then leave the fields empty, otherwise enter the names and IP addresses of the servers. Since I agreed with the provider and he registered the domain in their DNS servers, giving me their numeric and symbolic names, I indicated them in this case. Click “Continue” (we will have to do it quite often). The next page appears – with the cost of the selected services. 

If you didn’t check the box “Use RU-CENTER secondary DNS server” in the previous screen, then the price of the services should be 20 y. e. (excluding VAT). Again, click “Continue.” On the next page we will be asked for the contract number and password. We will scroll down the screen and select the link “Get data from RosNIIROS”. Those who for some reason did not register the organization in the RIPN base can also fill in the proposed application forms and get the contract number directly on this form. After selecting the data acquisition link from RosNIIROS, the data entry fields will appear: the organization identifier (in our case BLDK [-ORG-RIPN]), the email address and password of the organization’s support service, which is listed in the MNT-BY field.

In our case, this will be the e-mail and password belonging to INSKIN-MNT-RIPN. After entering this data, press the button “Receive data” and we have a screen with the data of the organization BLDK-ORG-RIPN. We click on the “Transfer data” button at the top, and on the next page we see a questionnaire filled out by the organization. We flip the questionnaire down, enter the password, remember it, put a tick “I remember the password” and press the button “Send the questionnaire”, after which we get a page with the message that our profile is saved to enter into an agreement. The contract number and password, of course, need to be sure to remember – they will be very useful in the future.

 Press the button “Checkout”. Now we are informed that the order will go to processing under the condition of the concluded contract with RU-CENTER and if there is a sufficient amount in the personal account of our contract. It will also be given the opportunity to issue an invoice for the services ordered. We’ll first write the bill for which we will press the button “Issue invoice”, not forgetting to check the correctness of the amount. After clicking we will go to the next page, where we will be notified that we have been billed, and will offer to print a copy of it for payment. We will do that, after which we will go to pay the printed invoice 🙂 Just do not forget that legal entities must pay including VAT.

A small digression: pre-registering a domain in the DNS provider has an interesting effect – if you work on the Internet through the same provider, or specify the address of its DNS server on your computer in the TCP / IP protocol settings, then when you enter the domain name in your site will already be loaded at the new address in the browser line, even though the domain has not yet been registered with RU-CENTER! Unfortunately, users of other providers to try to enter the name of the site will receive a response that does not exist. For this, we register the domain in RU-CENTER so that it is available worldwide. But we will continue.

Now we are RU-CENTER clients and can, using the contract number and password, view our data on the server. It’s time to make a contract directly. Go to the server RU-CENTER (, we look for the item “For customers” on the right (, go in and see the contract number and password request field, and below are a few points. One of them is “Conclude an Agreement” ( We go to this address, load the contract form for a legal entity (because in this case we register the domain for a legal entity), fill in, print in duplicate and send by regular mail (imagine this still exists!) Along with a copy of the certificate of State registration of a legal entity in RU-CENTER. The address is indicated in the description “How to conclude an agreement to a legal entity”, which is located in the same place where we took the form of an agreement. Hosting produce by Slovenia nijuqepywy.

Now it only remains to wait until the contract reaches the address, is certified, and one copy will be returned. In the meantime, we can see the balance of the personal account in the item “For customers”. If our payment passes before the contract is signed, the amount paid will be visible in the “Locked funds” item. After signing the contract, but before the completion of domain registration, the amount will be visible in the “Credited payments for the amount” and “Balance” clauses. Well, after registering the domain “credited payments for the amount” and “services rendered for the amount of”.

In the course of domain registration, we will receive various letters, and will come to the email address of the organization for which we register the domain. So, after signing the contract, a notification will come that “the item of the order [number] from [date] received the status ‘is being fulfilled’”. This means that the domain began to register. Interestingly, the notification of the conclusion of the contract can come both before and after the messages on the domain registration process. Then a notification will come that the testing of DNS servers was successful (if you indicated them during registration), and finally, a notification that “the order item [number] from [date] received the status“ completed ””. Hooray! Domain is registered! Now your site will be accessible from anywhere in the world at the registered address – you just have to wait a bit (not more than a day),