Useful tips for beginner resellers

This article, I first of all wrote for beginner resellers, as well as for those who are only going to do this difficult business. I will try to consider the frequent mistakes that the reseller allows, I will give tips on promoting hosting services on the Internet.

Site appearance

“They meet on clothes, but they see off on mind”

A beautiful website with good user-friendly navigation is the key to your business success. In no case do not use free templates, do not steal the design of other hosting companies. If you do not have enough skills to create a high-quality website yourself, then it’s better to use the services of a professional design studio.

Do not overdo it with graphics, the site should load quickly, otherwise you risk losing your user once and for all. Limit yourself from using Flash.

Particular attention should be paid to the structure of the site and its navigation. The user should easily find on the site information about your company, tariff plans, contact information. Hosting cover out Chad qapoqi.

Do not place on the site advertising banners, exchange links. Remember that you provide hosting services and there should be nothing but hosting services on the site. Otherwise, your company will have an unfavorable impression, which will be found in blogs and forums.


I often see resellers using our content on their site, and they copy everything under the net, right up to each emoticon. Of course, using someone else’s content on your site is bad form. Do not give users an extra reason to laugh at your hosting, write your unique promotional articles, and if you have no experience, then use the services of professional copywriters. Search engines (Yandex, Rambler, Google) will also not encourage your site for using someone else’s content.

Rules and public offer.

Particular attention should be paid to the section “Rules” on the site. The fact is that I rarely find such sections on my website with resellers. Accordingly, a client who does not find these rules on the site is sure – “that is not prohibited, it is allowed” and starts posting on his new hosting account: spam scripts, warez, porn and so on. And rightly so, you do, you did not make up the rules? so you can post. Are you going to block your account? and what do you say to the client? He will ask you to show those rules that say that posting such material is prohibited. Hosting have near Mauritania qocasubyku.

Unlike content, I accept to use as source data, the rules of your upstream hosting provider. So, download the rules of your hosting provider, correct for yourself and place on the site. In the “Hosting Order” section, it would also be nice to put a form under the check mark that the client has read your rules and is ready to follow them.

Tariff plans and pricing

You should not create another cheapest hosting on the Internet. Start from the tariff plan with a quota of 25 MB and cost no less than $ 1. It is certainly easier to lure customers to cheap tariff plans, but can you stay on the market with such prices? I do not recommend doing an unlimited number of Mysql databases, additional domains, and so on at initial rates. Reward such privileges with more expensive plans. As practice shows, 25 MB is enough for a client to place several sites there at once, so if you allow to place an unlimited number of sites at your minimum rate, there is a great risk that your expensive tariff plans will not be in demand.

In order to secure and protect hosting orders for spamming, it is recommended to set a minimum order period of 3 months on cheap tariff plans. The fact is that I very often notice that the object of spammers are novice hosters (resellers) who are very pleased with all new customers. Please be careful, you will not build your business on spammers and hackers.

We advertise our hosting services

Once your site is fully ready, feel free to proceed to its promotion on the Internet. I will introduce you to the most basic techniques used by almost all hosting providers. Start with free registration in the hosting hosting thematic catalogs – HostObzor , Hostagent , Host.GB add your tariff plans to them.

Tell us about your hosting on the forums where there is a big crowd of webmasters and optimizers – Forum Hosting Review , Searchengines forum optimizers , Webhostingtalk forum . Word of mouth will do everything for you. Send your advertisements manually, do not resort to using specialized scripts, leave posts only in specially designated places for advertising on the forum. Occasionally visit all these forums in order to respond to the posts of other users, or announce new special offers of your hosting.

Spare no money on search engine advertising campaigns – Yandex Direct , Begun . Buy themed words and do not enter into special displays of advertising campaigns, it is enough to set the average price per click. Hosting sink at Slovakia jaqytuhu.

Have free resources? Host a couple of accounts for free, in exchange for posting a text link of your hosting or banner. It will be more efficient to post free web-mastering, web programming and so on thematic sites. You can find who needs free hosting here .

If anyone is interested in profitable reselling, then we recommend looking towards hosting from FastVPS . Very serious guys, we work with them – we are completely satisfied!