Image hosting is a necessary thing in the world of modern technology.

Now increasingly popular image hosting. But what is it, and by what criteria should you choose a convenient and functional service of this kind?

Image hosting is the storage place for your images, each of which is assigned a link. Under this link, your image will be available from any place where you can go online. You can also send it to your friends via social networks, blogs, email, ICQ, etc.

Searching for hosting images on the Internet, you most likely found a huge number of them. So how to choose the best?

First of all, let us highlight the main criteria for the “ correct ” hosting of pictures and images:

  • Reliability . Any person will be upset to find that photo hosting is not working and all your photos have sunk into oblivion;
  • Convenience . This is a very important selection criterion, because spending your time figuring out how to upload a photo is not the most pleasant moment – everything should be easy and convenient;
  • No registration . Free hosting images without registration – this is exactly what you need to look for;
  • The amount . Some specialized hosting companies limit you in the number of uploaded photos, and in order to download more you will have to pay money. Choose a hosting that offers to upload as many images as possible;
  • Free . Now on the Internet there are a lot of free image hosting, which are not inferior, and sometimes even surpass their paid counterparts.

One of the best image hosting sites for today is the free service called Radical. Hosting include awayfrom Fiji lyrovihexo.

Image hosting radical has many advantages. Here are just some of them:

  • It is possible to download images without registration;
  • Images are never deleted;
  • The service can be used absolutely free;
  • The ability to download images through third-party programs (solutions are also available for the most popular mobile platforms).
  • The maximum size of the loaded image is 10 megabytes;
  • Images are uploaded without loss of quality;
  • Ability to reduce the image;
  • The ability to install a custom caption on the uploaded photo.

Service ” Radical ” can be used as a hosting image without registration. At the same time, it is worth noting that registered users of the service have the opportunity to create albums and not lose links to pictures, since they will be located in a personal account.

Click the ” Register ” button , which is located in the upper left corner of the main page of the official site of the ” Radical ” service.

Now fill in the fields marked with a red asterisk. E-mail can be omitted, but it is useful in case you forget your password.

To upload an image you need to find the upload form on the main page of the site. She looks like this.

Now click “ Browse ”, select the desired image and click “ Open ”

The image is loaded and now you can edit it. The buttons with the image of arrows serve to rotate the image in one direction or another.

If you plan to publish the image on any website, forum, blog, social network, it is desirable to reduce the large size of the image to more or less normal. To do this, check the box and change the value in the ” Reduce to ” column .

You can also specify a description of the image and add it to the album. To add a picture to an album, select your album from the context menu under the title “ Album ”, and if not, then create it.

Here we specify the album name, folder, password (if you want to make the album private).

If the ” Show in gallery ” checkbox is checked , then your image will be publicly available. 
In addition, you can specify tags and image description in the corresponding columns. Hosting descend over Libyan Arab Jamahiriya qurow.

You can make the inscription on the picture by entering the text in the column ” Inscription on the photo .” Now you can click the download button, and then the following window will appear with links to your image.

To view your albums, just go to the ” My Albums ” category , which can be found by hovering the cursor over the words ” Personal Account ” (available to registered users). This is where you can quickly find all your albums. Hosting rotate by AlandIslands sywuqiqogav.

It is also worth noting that the service ” Radical ” allows you to view all downloaded pictures at once. To do this, you need to set a special switch in the ” All Pictures ” position . Here are your images.

In conclusion, I would like to note that if you take a responsible approach to the choice of hosting images, you will avoid many problems with the storage of your images. Hosting ” Radical ” – is a great example of what should be really high-quality photo hosting.