Some criteria for hosting selection

What things should you know when choosing a web host? Criteria for choosing a different web hosting are somewhat different. We will consider each of them separately. Reliability and speed of access This is extremely important. A site that does not have access will lose a lot of visitors. If someone reads your site in a search engine and he wants to get on it, but it will not be possible due to the inaccessibility of the server, it will just go down the

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Do-it-yourself domain name registration. Part 1: a little theory.

This article opens a small cycle of articles on the topic “Domain Name Registration”. Many questions will be considered: why it is necessary at all, how to choose a name, how to register it, what you need to know, how much it will cost, what are the pitfalls of this process, and other related questions. Step-by-step descriptions of domain name registration processes will also be given. First, we stipulate who needs this cycle. If you have money and you are ready to pay

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Hosting – the foundation for the functioning of the site

Hosting involves placing your resource on the server of the company that provides such services. It allocates a place, which is called disk space. It is in a special folder (directory) on the hosting will be all the files on your site ( scripts, html-documents, graphics ). The task to choose the most reliable hosting for your own site is equivalent to the stage of laying the foundation for a real home. And in the event of a difficult situation, it is hosting that comes

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