Choosing a hosting? Pay attention to Majordomo

In this review we will discuss the hosting provider Majordomo . We will try to objectively understand its key features, advantages and disadvantages. After all, there is no perfect hosting. Or does it happen?

About Majordomo

Majordomo company entered the market of hosting providers already in the distant 2000. 18 years is a very solid age for services of this kind. Today, Majordomo confidently ranks among the top ten best Russian hosting providers. The reliability and stability of this hosting is indicated by the fact that its regular customers are Russian representatives of such large companies as Acer and Lenovo. As for the total number of clients, at the moment it exceeds 40 thousand. This number includes both companies of different scale and level of development, as well as individuals who need a truly modern and high-quality hosting.

Majordomo core services

Like any other hosting provider that keeps pace with the times, Majordomo offers its current and potential customers a full range of specialized services. Hosting support in Ethiopia mevutofacu.

Among them:

  • Providing virtual hosting;
  • Providing VPS hosting ;
  • Acquisition and registration of domain names;
  • Rent dedicated servers;
  • Purchase of SSL certificates ;
  • SEO site promotion ;
  • Professional setting contextual advertising.

Key advantages and features of the hosting provider Majordomo

  • Using high-speed SSD-drives .
  • Really high-speed and stable hosting platform, which is based on the Linux operating system .
  • Really affordable rates, regardless of whether it is a question of buying a virtual hosting or renting a dedicated server.
  • Professional technical support working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The average response time to a request to the support service is 30 minutes. The maximum possible waiting time for a response from a technician is 2 hours.
  • The period of free testing of hosting services is 14 days.
  • Own virtual hosting control panel, in the development of which all current trends and customer wishes were fully taken into account.
  • The absence of any restrictions on the resources allocated to the client . In particular, such as the number of hosted sites, the number of MySQL databases used , as well as the amount of traffic.
  • Full support for such popular CMS-systems as Drupal , Joomla , WordPress , 1C-Bitrix .
  • The bandwidth used by the communication channels 25 GB per second!

About rates hosting provider Majordomo

The cost of unlimited virtual hosting from Majordomo starts from 99 rubles per month.

The cost of high-speed VPS-hosting starts from 342 rubles per month. Hosting catch outside Liechtenstein tukupivahoqyc.

For a dedicated server from Majordomo will have to pay at least 1500 rubles per month.

Buying and registering a domain in .ru and .рф zones will cost only 140 rubles per year – to buy a domain .

About virtual hosting from Majordomo

Since virtual hosting is the most popular and mass service with any provider – let’s talk about it in more detail. What can Majordomo offer us ?

The cost of virtual hosting from Majordomo varies from 99 to 749 rubles per month ( if paid for a year ).

At the same time, looking at the image above, you will quickly realize that “ unlimited ” virtual hosting is available only on the “ Unlimited ” and “ Unlimited + ” tariffs , and on the cheapest “ Start ” tariff, there are still some restrictions. However, for most novice webmasters and virtual hosting users, they will be quite acceptable.

Pleasant bonuses from hosting provider Majordomo

Before listing the pleasant ” buns ” provided by users of the hosting provider Majordomo, it is worth making a reservation that some of them are unavailable at the Start tariff .

So, about bonuses:

  • When a one-time payment of three months of service on the “ Unlimited ” or “ Unlimited + ” tariff plans , any Majordomo user receives a domain in the .ru or .rf zone as a gift ( optional ).
  • Free mail for the domain from « for business ».
  • Automatic installation of such popular CMS-systems as WordPress and Joomla ( at the tariffs “Unlimited” or “Unlimited +” ).
  • Free SSL certificate .
  • Provision of Google AdWords promotional code in the amount of 2000 rubles ( on all rates ).
  • Free transfer of a site from another provider plus three months of hosting as a gift ( does not apply to the “Start” tariff plan ).
  • Special corporate tariff plans ” Business ” and ” Business + “. At a cost of 599 and 749 rubles per month, respectively, they include priority technical support, operational legal advice, professional assistance in setting up sites and, most importantly, placement on separate dedicated servers. Hosting give down Lithuania hihev.

Additional services and features of the hosting provider Majordomo

  • Support for the full range of Comodo SSL certificates and the ability to purchase them.
  • The ability to conduct a comprehensive SEO site audit .
  • Protecting the site from hacking and treating sites from viruses ( in partnership with Revisium ).
  • Complex service “ Site under surveillance ”, which includes the timely treatment of an infected site, its protection against hacking by hackers and bots, as well as round-the-clock monitoring of web threats and access control. The service is provided in partnership with Revisium .
  • The ability to provide additional protection against spam and email viruses.
  • Basic or premium setting contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords .

Instead of conclusion

Summing up, we can say that if you are looking for hosting, then Majordomo really deserves your close attention. Be sure to use the 14-day period of free testing, because this hosting has many advantages, and among the shortcomings can be noted only some of the limitations that are present in the tariff plan ” Start “.